The alteration of vertical distribution of metals in sediment from Flood Canals of Semarang

Fitri Budiyanto


Semarang Flood Canals distinguished its merit to cope the flood, thus, the observation of sediment quality as one of environmental assessment is required. Those sediments hosted pollutants like heavy metals being a hazard to human. So, the aims of this study were to measure the concentration and to assess the sediment quality based on heavy metal in the flood canals. Responding to the objective, the sediment collection was carried out in April 2016. The collection core sediment samples were carried out up to 80 cm in depth and the sub-sample was collected within 5 cm interval. The laboratory analysis revealed the average concentrations of Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb, and Zn in the east flood canals were 0,1-0,43; 25,9-36,7; 40.933-76.942; 24,5-35,2; 5,8±13,4; 74,2±113,8 mg/kg dry, respectively. Meanwhile, the concentrations of Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb, and Zn in the west flood canals were 0,1-0,5; 25,6-59,5; 34.083-76.119; 24,3-33,2; 7,7±22,0; 75,5±173,4 mg/kg dry. East Flood Canal which hosted more intense anthropogenic activities was exhibiting higher metals concentration than West Flood Canal. Enrichment Factor (EF) was computed to assess sediment quality based on heavy metals and the result indicated no enrichment and minor enrichment of metals in the sediment except for Cd and Zn in east flood canal.


flood canal; Semarang; metal; anthropogenic activity; Enrichment Factor

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